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Release Date: 2014-06-18
A listing of Sigads (Signals Intelligence Activity Designators, or collection stream associated with a signals intelligence station) based in Germany, collated by Der Spiegel. For around a dozen of the 150 or so historical sigads in this list, no closing date is supplied: see the Der Spiegel article Snowden-Dokumente: Hier sitzt die NSA in Deutschland, […]
SIG AD LISTING Sites are arranged alphabetically. The open and close dates may not be totally accurate. A missing “Opened” date indicates that the opening date is unknown. A missing “Closed...
US-987L1, US-987L1P, US-987L1, US-987L1, US-987L2, US-987L2H, US-987L2H, US-987L2H, US-987L2H, US-987L2H, US-987L3, US-987L3M, US-987L3M, US-987L3M, US-987L4, US-987L4L, US-987L4L, US-987L4L, US-987L4L, US-987L4L, US-987L5, USA-514, UKC-309, USM-43K1, USM-626, USM-626A, USM-626B, USM-626C, USD-1005A, USA-53, USD-1023, USM-44, USM-44, USM-616, USM-628, USM-628A, USM-644, USM-662, USM-662A, USM-662B, USN-22, USA-67, USM-600, USM-601, USM-602, USM-609, USF-778, USM-44F, USM-85, USM-87, USM-89, USD-1079, USM-605, USM-43K1, USM-620K, USM-602K, USM-42, USM-42K, USM-45, USM-82, USD-1024, USM-620, USA-70K, USM-620Y, USM-620Y, USA-70, UKA-277, USA-70K, USM-620K, USM-620, USM-620K, UKM-251, USA-765A, USA-53, USA-53, USN-40, USM-42K1, USM-42K1, USA-33, USA-67, USA-556, US-987L2, USA-52, USM-44N, USA-53, USA-756, USF-798, USM-616, USM-648, USM-661, USM-701, USD-1021, USM-648, USM-648A, USM-648B, USM-648C, USA-67, USM-43L, UKA-277F, USA-43L, UKM-251M, USM-31, USJ-753, USM-44, UKM-251, USM-44L, USM-670, USM-10, USM-620L, USA-556, USA-556A, USA-556B, USA-556C, USA-556D, USA-556E, USM-556, USM-705, USM-82, USM-32, USM-42L, USM-88, USM-31, USM-42, USM-600, USM-601, USM-618, UKM-253, USA-73, USM-42K2, USM-43M, USM-44M, USM-42K, USM-44, USM-645, USM-645A, USM-645B, USM-645C, UKM-251Y, USA-71, USM-647, USM-647A, USM-647B, USM-647C, USM-647, USA-74, USA-74, UKM-253A, USM-652, USM-615, USM-601, USM-43L1, USM-88K, USM-602L, USM-42L1, USM-88J, USM-42L1, USM-88J, USA-70, USM-620S, USM-43M, USM-44M, USD-1005, USD-1005, USM-606, USA-67, USM-85J, USM-87J, USM-43H, USA-765, USJ-792, USA-556, USA-512, USD-1031, USM-43, USM-43K, USM-43M, USM-43L, USM-88, USM-602, USM-619, USM-620, USM-620, USM-32, USM-44A, USM-42J, USM-42L2, USM-42J, USM-604, USA-514, USA-67, USD-1020F, USD-1020, USF-789, USD-1020, USN-17, USN-40J, US-987L2, USM-88X, USA-72, USM-621, USM-621Y, USM-621, USM-621, UKA-289, UKM-253B, US-987L, USA-765, USM-43K, USM-44K, USM-662D, USA-70L, USM-662D, USM-44, US-751, USA-52L, USA-751


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