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European Security Center to Begin Operations


Document Date: 2004-03-29Release Date: 2014-06-18
This internal NSA post from 29 March 2004 describes the beginning of operations of the European Security Center in Darmstadt: see the Der Spiegel article Terrorverdächtige: NSA nutzte Erkenntnisse aus Deutschland-Filiale für Tötungen, 15 June 2014.
(U//FOUO) European. Security Center to Begin Operations usa Chief, Operations Division, Army Cryptologic Operations (ACO) Run Date: 03/29/2004 (S) A new tactical SIGINT producer will s...

Sigad Listing


Release Date: 2014-06-18
A listing of Sigads (Signals Intelligence Activity Designators, or collection stream associated with a signals intelligence station) based in Germany, collated by Der Spiegel. For around a dozen of the 150 or so historical sigads in this list, no closing date is supplied: see the Der Spiegel article Snowden-Dokumente: Hier sitzt die NSA in Deutschland, […]
SIG AD LISTING Sites are arranged alphabetically. The open and close dates may not be totally accurate. A missing “Opened” date indicates that the opening date is unknown. A missing “Closed...
US-987L1, US-987L1P, US-987L1, US-987L1, US-987L2, US-987L2H, US-987L2H, US-987L2H, US-987L2H, US-987L2H, US-987L3, US-987L3M, US-987L3M, US-987L3M, US-987L4, US-987L4L, US-987L4L, US-987L4L, US-987L4L, US-987L4L, US-987L5, USA-514, UKC-309, USM-43K1, USM-626, USM-626A, USM-626B, USM-626C, USD-1005A, USA-53, USD-1023, USM-44, USM-44, USM-616, USM-628, USM-628A, USM-644, USM-662, USM-662A, USM-662B, USN-22, USA-67, USM-600, USM-601, USM-602, USM-609, USF-778, USM-44F, USM-85, USM-87, USM-89, USD-1079, USM-605, USM-43K1, USM-620K, USM-602K, USM-42, USM-42K, USM-45, USM-82, USD-1024, USM-620, USA-70K, USM-620Y, USM-620Y, USA-70, UKA-277, USA-70K, USM-620K, USM-620, USM-620K, UKM-251, USA-765A, USA-53, USA-53, USN-40, USM-42K1, USM-42K1, USA-33, USA-67, USA-556, US-987L2, USA-52, USM-44N, USA-53, USA-756, USF-798, USM-616, USM-648, USM-661, USM-701, USD-1021, USM-648, USM-648A, USM-648B, USM-648C, USA-67, USM-43L, UKA-277F, USA-43L, UKM-251M, USM-31, USJ-753, USM-44, UKM-251, USM-44L, USM-670, USM-10, USM-620L, USA-556, USA-556A, USA-556B, USA-556C, USA-556D, USA-556E, USM-556, USM-705, USM-82, USM-32, USM-42L, USM-88, USM-31, USM-42, USM-600, USM-601, USM-618, UKM-253, USA-73, USM-42K2, USM-43M, USM-44M, USM-42K, USM-44, USM-645, USM-645A, USM-645B, USM-645C, UKM-251Y, USA-71, USM-647, USM-647A, USM-647B, USM-647C, USM-647, USA-74, USA-74, UKM-253A, USM-652, USM-615, USM-601, USM-43L1, USM-88K, USM-602L, USM-42L1, USM-88J, USM-42L1, USM-88J, USA-70, USM-620S, USM-43M, USM-44M, USD-1005, USD-1005, USM-606, USA-67, USM-85J, USM-87J, USM-43H, USA-765, USJ-792, USA-556, USA-512, USD-1031, USM-43, USM-43K, USM-43M, USM-43L, USM-88, USM-602, USM-619, USM-620, USM-620, USM-32, USM-44A, USM-42J, USM-42L2, USM-42J, USM-604, USA-514, USA-67, USD-1020F, USD-1020, USF-789, USD-1020, USN-17, USN-40J, US-987L2, USM-88X, USA-72, USM-621, USM-621Y, USM-621, USM-621, UKA-289, UKM-253B, US-987L, USA-765, USM-43K, USM-44K, USM-662D, USA-70L, USM-662D, USM-44, US-751, USA-52L, USA-751

PRISM/US-984XN Overview


Document Date: 2013-04-01Release Date: 2013-06-06
Nineteen slides from a 41-slide April 2013 NSA presentation describing the PRISM collection of data via internet service providers, “the SIGAD most used in NSA reporting.” Slides have been published gradually by several media organisations: see the Washington Post article NSA slides explain the PRISM data-collection program, 6 June 2013.
01.jpg: PRISM/U S-984XN Overview OR The SIGAD Used Most in NS A Reporting Overview April 2013 Derived From: NSA/CSSM 1-52 Dated: 20070108 Declassify On: 20360901 OP SECRET/...


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