Title: TEMPORA — “The World’s Largest XKEYSCORE” — Is Now Available to Qualified NSA Users

Release Date: 2014-06-18

Document Date: 2012-09-19

Description: This internal NSA post dated 19 September 2012, describes GCHQ’s operation Tempora which, make “more than 40 billion pieces of content a day” available to analysts from both agencies: see the Der Spiegel article The NSA in Germany: Snowden’s Documents Available for Download, 18 June 2014.

Document: (C//REL) TEMPORA -- "The World s Largest XKEYSCORE" - Is Now
Available to Qualified NSA Users


NSA Integree at GCIIQ
Run Date: 09/19/2012

(U//FOUO) SIGINT analysts: We have all heard about Dig Data; now you can get
Big Access to Dig Data,

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(TS//SI//REL) What happens when one site contains more data than all other
XKEYSCQREs combined? At more than 10 times larger than the next biggest
XKEYSCORE * TEMPORA at GCHO is the world's largest XKEYSCORE and the
NSA workforce is now getting greater access to it. This massive site uses over 1000
machines to process and make available to analysts more than 40 billion pieces of
content a day. And starting today skilled NSA XKEYSCORE users can get access to
the TEMPORA database via the XKS-Central interface,

buffer" which exploits the most valuable Internet links available to GCIIQ,
TEMPORA provides a powerful discovery capability against Middle East, North
African and European target sets (among others). Analysts who have benefited
from GCIIQ Special Source accesses like INCENSER or MUSCULAR will almost
certainly benefit from TEMPORA.

(TS//SI//REL) How valuable is TEMPORA? The value and utility of TEMPORA
were proven early into a 5-month evaluation that began this past March, With a
limited user base of 300 analysts, TEMPORA became the second most valuable
XKEYSCORE access for discovery. Additionally, this small group of analysts
produced over 200 end-product reports and provided critical support to SIGINT,
defensive, and cyber mission elements,

(TS//SI//REL) Why TEMPORA? TEMPORA provides the ability to do content-based
discovery and development across a large array of high-priority signals. Similar to
other XKEYSCORE deployments, TEMPORA, effectively "slows down" a large chunk
of Internet data, providing analysts with three working days to use the surgical
toolkit of the GENESIS language to discover data that otherwise would have been
missed, This tradecraft of couteiit-based discovery using the GENESIS language
is a critical tool in the analyst's discovery tool kit, and nicely complements the
existing and well-known tradecrafts of strong selection targeting and bulk
meta-data analysis,

(TS//SI//REL) How do I get an account? To comply with GCHQ policy and to
ensure users are successful in such a large-scale environment, TEMPORA access
requires users to be proficient with XKEYSCORE, At NSA this is achieved via the
completion of various XKS Skilz achievements. Beginning today, users will see a
new "TEMPORA" achievement, which requires users to have remained current with
their UK Legalities training (OVSCI700), be a level 3 or higher XKS Skilz user, and
have used GENESIS by either querying or authoring fingerprints. Users who meet
those criteria will automatically be given TEMPORA access in their XKS Central

(S//SI//REL) What do I need to know about using TEMPORA? Although
TEMPORA will appear as an additional database in XKS Central, there are some
important items analysts need to be aware of when they search this database.
Analysts are asked to pay close attention to details concerning the UK Legality
requirements on the TEMPORA user-guidance wiki nacre, TEMPORA, queries must
comply with both UK and U.S. legal requirements, and the analytic community
must ensure we are using this access wisely and compliantly.

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(S//SI//REL) How can I learn more about using XKEYSCORE? If you'd like to
get TEMPORA access but need some help fulfilling the proficiency requirements,
the XKEYSCORE Outreach Team is ready to help. The team recently added an
additional round of XKEYSCORE training sessions on ERS, which users can sign up
for via this link. Also, analysts can find great tradecraft and training tips via the
XKEYBLOG, or they can contact the team directly at DL XKS Mentoring,

(U//FQUQ) For more information "go TEMPORA" or contact^^^^^^^^^^^^H * *

(U) Notes:

* (S//SI/REL) XKEYSCORE is a computer-network exploitation system that
combines high-speed filtering with SIGDEV XKEYSCORE performs filtering and
selection to enable analysts to quickly find information they need based on what
they already know, but it also performs SIGDEV functions such as target
development to allow analysts to discover new sources of information,

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