Title: Quantum Shooter SBZ Notes

Release Date: 2015-01-17

Description: This undated page from the NSA’s internal WikiInfo site describes QUANTUMSHOOTER, an implant that allows computers to be controlled remotely: see the Der Spiegel article The Digital Arms Race: NSA Preps America for Future Battle, 17 January 2015.

Document: QUANTUM Shooter SBZ Notes - Wikiinfo

The accredited security level of this system is: TOP SECRET//SI-GAMMA/TALENT


(U) QUANTUM Shooter SBZ Notes

From Wikiinfo


■ 1 (U) Overview

■ 2 (U) Infrastructure Components


■ 2.2 (TS//SI,OC//REL) CHIMNEYPOOL and Comms

■ 2.3 (U) Diodes

■ 2.4 (U) NCC

■ 2.5 (S//SI//REL) Gateway ("ROC LOW")

■ 2.6 (S//SI//REL) TURBINE

■ 3 (U) How To

■ 3.1 (TS//SI//REL) Connecting to the QUANTUM NCC

■ 3.2 (TS//SI//REL) Getting a DND from the NCC

■ 3.3 (TS//SI//REL) Getting a DND from /targets for an upgrade

■ 3.4 (TS//SI//REL) Updating a DND from the NCC for

■ 3.5 (S//SI//REL) Getting Link Info and Modifying Links

■ 3.5.1 (S//SI//REL) I have a FRZ address. How do I get a

■ 3.5.2 (S//SI//REL) How do I get/change the link state?

■ 3.5.3 (S//SI//REL) How do I modify the IP address or port of
the link?

■ 4 (U) Other notes

■ 4.1 (U) MHS

■ 5 References

(U) Overview

(TS//SI//REL) For an overview of QUANTUM and how shooters fit into the
greater QUANTUM infrastructure, see QUANTUM Operational Design

(TS//SI//REL) A QUANTUM shooter is a host computer on the internet that has
been implanted with a STRAITBIZARRE (SBZ) configured to receive commands

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QUANTUM Shooter SBZ Notes - Wikiinfo


Once a box has been identified for use as a QUANTUM shooter, an SBZ is
configured using FELONYCROWBAR along with a Deployed Node Document
(DND), an XML config file. The FELONYCROWBAR GUI and build scripts
handle some aspects of configuration, such as which SBZ modules to include,
but it also needs the DND to configure most aspects of the communications
links. For an upgrade, an old DND can be modified by hand, but for a new
build, a new DND will need to be generated in the NCC (with some changes by
hand). Once the core and "bin" customization SBZ files are generated (usually
a zip file output from FELONYCROWBAR), an interactive operator can deploy
these to the shooter box.

(U) Infrastructure Components

(TS//SI//REL) There are four operational FREEFLOW threads (plus one for
PAS SAGE HILL testing):

■ Thread A, the original FREEFLOW thread (early 2008), associated with
the old ROC/MIT covert infrastructure (FORESTPLACE/FUSSYKEEL).

■ Thread B, the QUANTUM thread

■ Thread C, FINGERGNOME high-to-low transfer

■ Thread D, the new FREEFLOW 2.0 thread, associated with new covert
infrastructure (FROZENEARTH).

The FREEFLOW Confluence page (https://confluence-nf.tao.nsa/display
/ROC/F REE FLOW) has a good overview picture, especially showing the
differences between the old FREEFLOW (1.0, the purplish-gray area) and the
new FREEFLOW (2.0, the yellow area). The QUANTUM thread is 1.0 for now,
but will eventually be upgraded and this whole process will change.

FREEFLOW components important for understanding QUANTUM shooters are
described below as they apply to the shooter build process, and a good
overview of the QUANTUM infrastructure can be found here


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QUANTUM Shooter SBZ Notes - Wikiinfo

(TS//SI,OC//REL) CHIMNEYPOOL uses its own version of RPC (CHM RPC) for
communications, which ride on the FRIEZERAMP Network Stack


compliant nodes are referred to by their four-byte FREIZERAMP (FRZ)
addresses, which are usually represented in hex.

(TS//SI//REL) Links are half-duplex comms paths that need to be configured
for two CHM nodes to be able to talk. These can be encrypted or unencrypted
and are usually spit out correctly by the NCC DND, along with the Security
Associations that allow them to communicate with the NCC (keys are
generated by the NCC). To communicate with TURBINE, the SBZ also needs to
have two additional Security Associations configured -- one to communicate

MIT) usually configures the HS/SH side, which generates the keys. You'll need
to configure SAs to match ^^^|keys, which can be done either by modifying
the DND, or post-deployment via commands directly to the SBZ via NCC (see

(TS//SI,OC//REL) More details on the CHIMNEYPOOL/FRIEZERAMP comms


to-Low), and HANGARSURPLUS^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^f(Low-to-High), which each have three parts:

■ Higl^roxy^onnect^cMSLANDTRANSPORT

and converts to CHIMNEYPOOL messages.

■ Packager (high-to-low only)

■ Low Proxy: talks CHM/FRZ.


(TS//SI//REL) The GENIE Network Configuration Center (NCC) manages
CHIMNEYPOOL comms links for all STRAITBIZARRE implants, via
MIDDLEMAN. Information on the NCC is often out of date (the "new" NCC will
be on the high side and will hopefully be easier to update), so onl^is^h^NCC
to generate a DND if you can't modify an old config, either from
or from /targets/zombiearmy to find the one the operator put on m^oxAouTT
also need the NCC to manage the links.

(S//SI//REL) Gateway (MROC_LOW")

(TS//SI//REL) Web Sniper Gateways (WSGs) sit between MIDDLEMAN and the

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QUANTUM Shooter SBZ Notes - Wikiinfo

QUANTUM shooters. Information about these is NOFORN and is found in a
spreadsheet updated You'll need to configure the shooter to

send comms via the nearest gateway - choose the gateway that has the lowest
latency to the shooter, based on the results of latency tests (which are not
expected to change freguently).


Th^Confluence TURBINE

page describes what happens when an SBZ calls back.

(U) How To

(TS//SI//REL) Connecting to the QUANTUM NCC

■ Your WAITAUTO box needs to be able to talk to the QUANTUM NCC

You may need an MITHelp ticket to get the firewall to allow
this connection.

■ Use Putty to SSH to the NCC box (username: ncc_user; email

for password) with the following options:

■ Connection -> SSH -> check box to "Enable XI1 forwarding"

■ Connection -> SSH -> X display location: set this to WAITAUTO IP address>:0

■ cd /opt/ncc/ and run ./start gui.sh. User name (either userl or user2)
depends on who else is using the box - check with the POCs above.

(TS//SI//REL) Getting a DND from the NCC

■ Follow instructions in the document in References, or confirm that the
settings are correct.

■ Once your changes have been saved, in the terminal window, run the

cd /opt/ncc/util ■

./build sbz bin.sh WebSnipe localhost (where "WebSnipe" is the target cover te!

■ The resulting DND will be in /tmp (WebSnipe cnode cover
term>_DeployedNode#.xml). Copy this to a thumb drive and upload to

(TS//SI//REL) Getting a DND from /targets for an upgrade

■ Check either FELONYCROWBAR or /targets/ZOMBIEARMY/
/ops//techdata if they have it there from a previous op. This doesn't
contain the DND, but it contains an XML which can be used to back out

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QUANTUM Shooter SBZ Notes - Wikiinfo

the DND.

■ Send zip file to to be run through the Fiptrix tool to

generate a DND XML file.

(TS//SI//REL) Updating a DND from the NCC for

■ (TS//SI//REL) Add "implantld" element as the first child node, and
"implantUuid" as the last

■ (TS//SI//REL) Add "

00100005 "

■ (TS//SI//REL) Add Security Associations for HANGARSURPLUS (00 for
send) and SURPLUSHANGAR (02 for receive)

■ You are now ready to upload to FELONYCROWBAR for your SBZ build.

(S//SI//REL) Getting Link Info and Modifying Links

(TS//SI//REL) This is mostly done using the Wrench/Screwdriver tab ("Rudy") in

the NCC.

(S//SI//REL) I have a FRZ address. How do I get a linkEndld?


■Choose the appropriate send and receive nodes for your link.

Interface Provider" :Cidr,

"Procedures" :i

(S//SI//REL) How do I get/change the link state?

■getLinkState to check state. (1,2} indicate the link is off; (3,4) indicate the link is on. Use linkO

(S//SI//REL) How do I modify the IP address or port of the link?

■To change an IP address or port, choose "Interface Provider" :LinkMgr and "Procedures":getLinkParamete
■getLinkState to check state. If it's on, turn it off (linkOff, stopLink).

¡setLinkParameter: enter linkEndld and parameterld, same as above (should return success} 1

'startLink, linkOn to bring link back up (should return success}. i

■getLinkState to check state (should be on)

(U) Other notes


(S//REL) There is no HANGARSURPLUS in the MHS case. GCHQ basically does
not want it to call back. They have their own method of determining shooter

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QUANTUM Shooter SBZ Notes - Wikiinfo

■ Disable the CCFP since it requires the node to ack hack through the
HANGARSURPLUS (which doesn't exist in the MHS configuration).

■ For good measure, configure only the receive Security Associations and
UDP link (Low Proxy to SBZ), and none of the send SAs/links.

■ Configure BonjourMod to not send heartbeats.

■ Configure SbzLogMod to not exfil logs.

■ Do not include SbzXfilMod if possible, or set Min Priority To Exfil to 16.

■ Do not include any of the default modules (SiphonCauseway, ShinyObject,

(U) Look into testing using CHIMNEYPOOL Python script ("chim.py"?) to issue


Configuring SBZ from scratch using the NCC •

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Derived From: SI Classification Guide, 02-01, Dated: 20060711
and NSA/CSSM 1-52, Dated: 20070108

Declassify On: 20320108


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