Title: Ob DOODY – Mullah Niaz Muhammed – IS3673

Description: This ISAF document from February 2011 provides a record of the helicopter strike on Mullah Niaz Muhammed, which resulted in two innocent civilians being killed: see the Der Spiegel article Obama’s Lists: A Dubious History of Targeted Killings in Afghanistan, 28 December 2014.

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Task Force HeimanfJ

Dynamic Target Storyboard
Obj DOODY - Mullah Niaz Muhammed - IS3673

Unit: TFH J3 Tgts Objective: DOODY BDAR:
POC:| Date of Engagement/ATO: 7 Feb 11 (YD) UGLY 50 conducted a 429 strike on JPEL
IISAF No. IS3673 tgt Obj DOODY (Mullah Niaz Muhammed,
Engagement Asset: UK AH-64 C/S UGLY 50
IS3673). UGLY 50 engaged target alone
Location: 41R PQ 1768 9260 and on foot in the open with 100 x 30mm. 1
Qualified Observer: WIDOW 87 Description: JPEL Tgt Function: Mid-level commander and facilitator x EWIA. Initial engagement with 1 x AGM-114 of Obj DOODY + 1 x PIDROF may have resulted in
Significance: JPEL Pri 3 Tgt 2 x Civcas (1 x WIA, 1 x KIA).

1. AGM-114: 41R PQ 1781 9254

2. 100 x 30mm: 41R PQ 1768 9260

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100m Start Point ¡♦y—:• ' -, —
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Ground C/S arrived at engagement site at 1134D*.
Initial BDA 1 x EWIA (Obj DOODY), 1 x WIA (adult
male), 1 x KIA (male child). Immediate first aid
given to 1 x EWIA and 1 x WIA, with subsequent
Casevac at 1144D*. 1 x KIA taken to compound by
LN for immediate burial.

Obj DOODY is a mid level commander who operates
in both NDA(S) and MJH. He maintains links to Obj
KOJAK from whom he receives direction and Obj
STILTSKIN with whom he is assessed to discuss
commission matters, particularly TB dispute resolution
by lethal means. Obj DOODY is active in planning
attacks on CF and NDA DCC. He also directs
subordinates to conduct attacks and facilitates the
supply of heavy weapons and ammunition. Obj
DOODY is a new commander who has been given the
responsibility for Saidebad by Obj KOJAK.


The removal of Obj DOODY will deny the INS within
NDA(S) and MJH of a competent commander linked
into the HMD Military Commission. The networks
within this area are suffering as a result of recent
targeting and BG operations. Denying the INS this
commander will further impact on the INS ability to
conduct attacks against CF and ANSF and the
resupply of weapons.

Engagement Summary:

071017D*FEB11 - UGLY 50, 41R PQ 1781 9254, 1
x AGM-114.

071019D*FEB11 - UGLY 50, 41R PQ 1768 9260,
100 x 30mm.

Munitions Employed:

071017D*FEB11 - 1 X AGM-114.

071019D*FEB11 - 100 X 30mm.

Further Details of Tgt Struck:

All Timings: LOCAL (D*).

0741 - RELINT places Obj DOODY at41R PQ
1803 9180 in NDA(S) AO.

0950- Obj DOODY conducts Shura with 5 x adult
males at 41R PQ 1780 9250.

1003 - Following the necessary analysis PURSUE
50 operator calls PID Obj DOODY.

1006 - UK AH-64 C/S UGLY 50 checks in with

1014- UGLY 50 is talked onto Obj DOODY.

1016 - Obj DOODY with 1 x PIDROF moves away
from group on foot heading generally West.

1017 - TEA granted for Obj DOODY + 1 x PIDROF
by TFH Comd.

1017 - UGLY 50 engages Obj DOODY + 1 x
PIDROF on foot in the open with 1 x AGM-114.
AGM-114 appears to miss the target impacting at
41R PQ 1781 9254.

1018 - Obj DOODY and 1 x PIDROF then split with
Obj DOODY moving away West and 1 x PIDROF
moving away North East.

1019 - UGLY 50 engages Obj DOODY on his own
on foot in the open with 100 x 30mm at 41R PQ
1768 9260.

1026 - Initial BDA is Obj DOODY EWIA.

1134 - Ground C/S arrives at engagement area.
Immediate first aid given to Obj DOODY EWIA. 1 x
WIA (adult male) and 1 x KIA (male child) also
discovered by ground C/S. Immediate first aid
given to 1 x WIA.

1144 - Obj DOODY and 1 x WIA Casevac'd to

2. Obj DOODY AH Strike - 1 x LN Child KIA 1 x Cat B

Op record event ref. no: Original: MM(SW)02-07F

Head injury transferred to KAF on MM(SW)02-07J

IJC FFIR no: 02-0733
HQ IJC / Command: TFH.

RC (if applicable): SW.

Who: TFH Targets/JHF(A)

Where (incl. grid): GR 41R PR 17897 92491
When: 071017D* *Febll
What: AH Strike onto JPEL Target Obj DOODY
Result: 1 LN Male Child KIA & 1 x LN Adult Male WIA



What Happened?

* Full details of the incident are contained in the TFH Dynamic Target Storyboard RC(SW) - TFH J3 Targets - Op STEN TAKAY Obj DOODY - Mullah Nlaz
Muhammed - IS3673 (slide 1).

Report of CIVCAS

• At 071134D*Febll Ground C/S's from NDA(S) arrived on the site of the strike and discovered 2 x FAM WIA and delivered immediate first aid and arranged for
them the be evacuated as INS under escort to BSN R3 hospital on MM(SW)02-07F at 1144hrs. The casualties are detailed below:

• Casualty 1 - FAM. Believed to be Obj DOODY. Assessed at Cat A. Injuries caused by 30mm AH strike, resulting Intestine and head Injuries. Drifting
In/out of conscious. Radial pulse-present.

• Casualty 2 - FAM. Assessed at Cat B. Injuries from shrapnel. Wounds to right arm and face, he is conscious.

• Subsequently the body of a LN Male Child with fragmentation wounds was discovered In compound CE10-32 (Gr 41R PQ 17897 92491). The body was
quickly claimed by a LN family member and removed for burial.

• Casualty 1 (believed to be Obj DOODY) was subsequently transferred to KAF to receive treatment for his head wound on MM(SW)02-07J, with an escort.


• The CIVCAS are believed to be the result of the following chain of events. This is only a preliminary assessment and further investigations will bring more
detail. This assessment may contain errors due to the time constraints involved.

• Initially correctly targeting Obj DOODY + 1 INS the AH launched it attack run but could not engage.

• The AH then circled around for a 2nd run on the 2 x INS, possibly losing PID.

• The AH then mistakenly targeted 2 x civilians In the same engagement with a Helllflre miss, realising they were not the Intended tgt, he continued on
and engaged the INS PID as Obj DOODY with 30mm.

3. Obj DOODY AH Strike - 1 x LN Child KIA 1 x Cat B


What Have We Done About It?

* At 1210hrs the DG was informed of the incident it was reported that “he understands that we try to negate CIVCAS but accepted we needed to ‘kill or wound

• At 1325hrs the RCS(W) IAT was activated to investigate this incident. It will include aGIRoA representative from the PG’s office.

* A National Investigation (Shooting Incident Report) has been instigated into this incident.

• Infl and media have been informed.

What are we going to do about it?

* CF NDA(S) will continue to investigate the incident on the ground speaking with LNs to gain a greater understanding of the incident and its likely effects. They
will also attempt to locate family members for future compensation payments.

* Casualty 2 in BSN will be re-classified as an LN and interviewed by the BSN CIFT team to gain further information. His details will also be recorded for future
compensation payments.

* Casualty 1 in KAF will be processed in the normal manner for a suspected high value target.

TFH initial Assessment

* The TFH initial assessment is that the 2 x CIVCAS was caused by ISAF troops. The exact reasons why this occurred will be investigated in detail but initially
appear to be a loss of RID, on repositioning of the Aircraft by the AH crew.


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