Title: Joint SIGINT Activity Annual Report for 2007

Release Date: 2014-06-18

Description: This undated NSA document gives updates on various activities of the US-German Joint SIGINT Activity during 2007: see the Der Spiegel article Snowden-Dokumente: Hier sitzt die NSA in Deutschland, 18 June 2014. jsa


(U//FOUO) TEC Successfully Installs BOTANICREALTY at LADYLOVE (USJ-799)

(TS//SI//REL) In response to a request from S2B, MSOC System Development and
Signals Development Lab personnel collaborated with the TEC to deploy a solution to
collect video network. When first detected, the video was unencrypted. The

video therHJecame encrypted over a period of two months. The current demodulation
solution from the TEC is called BOTANICREALTY. Originally, SALTYDOGS was used
to find carrier acquisitions and discover signal characteristics. This provided the
frequency range, carrier rates, and a rough time up and time down for channel activity.

(TS//SI//REL) In mid-April, the TEC installed BOTANICREALTY (formerly known as
UNCANNY) at LADYLOVE in the hopes of locating, identifying, and collecting |

and encrypted video signals found on the]
collection of these signals, In support of~
is important to the various

special projects at the CIA, and in general product reporting |

(TS//SI//REL) Within minutes of the system coming on line, BOTANICREALTY
successfully collected its first signal matching the parameters of the encrypted (HIGH
PRIDE) videoThe hub control channels are session encrypted while the
outstations are bulk encrypted video. Since proving the ability to automatically process
these signals of interest at LADYLOVE, over 1000 collects, totaling hundreds of hours
of raw data, have been made and forwarded to cryptanalytic personnel in CES for
further investigation.

(U//FOUO) Jo/nf SIGINT Activity Annual Report for 2007

(S//SI//REL) The Joint SIGINT Activity (JSA) experienced notable successes in its
FORNSAT mission during 2007 for NSA and the German Federal Intelligence Service,
or Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND). However, concurrent with the JSA mission
changes, manpower requirements were re-evaluated and reductions to both civilian and
contractor manning levels were approved with implementation to be carried out in FY08.

(S//SI//REL) The past year also saw an expansion of JSA’s partnerships with SSO,
TOPIs, and ESOC, with plans to expand these further and increase support on various
operations in 2008. JSA will continue to build on its successes and improve its mission
contribution in collection and SIGINT development to both NSA and BND.




(U//FOUO) Highlights for 2007:

(S//SI//REL) JSA engineers developed various analysis tools and an automated selector
sanitizing tool. The selector sanitization tool can be used at other sites, including those
working special projects.

(S//SI//REL) The expansion of site capabilities through the installation and integration of
U S. and German systems significantly improved collection and development of high-
priority targets. New or improved capabilities include an automated survey system, VoIP
processing and metadata collection capabilities, a high speed filtering system, GSM
metadata collection capabilities, and new data flows to NSA for DNI, VoIP and GSM

(S//SI//REL) A closer relationship between ESOC, JSA and BND resulted in new
exploitation of targets in Algeria as well as other African targets. New TROPICPUMA
fax processing capabilities deployed in December immediately began to provide unique
and valuable intelligence to ESOC and BND on |

(S//SI//REL) The BND used JSA

GSM collection to identify, track, alert, and

S£SI£REUJSAcontinues to provide critical collection of the

network, providing unique insights into

(S//SI//REL) NSA personnel continued to improve BND’s skills through both classroom
and on-the-job training allowing BND personnel to take on greater roles in DNI

(S//SI//REL) Joint SIGINT Activity-Developed VolPSum and AutoNorm Tools Used
in Local Analysis, Create Agency-wide Interest

(S//SI//REL) JSA has developed and is now using two new number normalization tools
- a VoIP Summarization (VolPSum) tool and an Automated Normalization (AutoNorm)

(S//SI//REL) Voice-over-IP (VoIP) traffic is prevalent at many collection sites, including
JSA. Site engineers have developed a simple tool, called VolPSum, to extract, parse,
and organize VoIP metadata for analysis by Intelligence Analysts, Signals Analysts, and
developers. VolPSum provides the user with several outputs: a summary file of
cities/countries on each case notation seen in its run, also viewable by web browser; a




file containing UR Is (Uniform Resource Indicators) and their associated IP addresses; a
file of normalized numbers and location information; and a file of normalization
suggestions for non-normalized numbers, generated with help from AutoNorm.

(S//SI//REL) Generating normalization rules for NORMALRUN can be very difficult
without adequate knowledge of a region’s Country Code (CC), National Destination
Code (NDC), Local Exchange Office Code (LEOC), and Subscriber Number (SN). JSA
has found their in-house developed tool, AutoNorm, a great time saver for generating
NORMALRUN rules. AutoNorm works by matching substring combinations of the raw
number against the Global Numbering Database flat file. It provides several input
options: generic, which tries to find an exact match; prelist, which appends a given set
of digits to domestic calls before attempting matches; and sort, which sorts its output
into groups that share the same digits stripped or pre pended.

(S//SI//REL) These two tools have been used by JSA analysts to aid in generating
reports and number normalizations and target research. Additionally, representatives
from the NAC, Misawa, SSG, S2C, and SSO have expressed interest in receiving and
using VolPSum and AutoNorm.

(S//SI//REL) VolPSum and AutoNorm are now available for download! For more
information, including user manuals, output examples, and a downloadable tarball,
please visit JSA’s website. You may also contact the POCs listed above.

(S//SI//REL) Joint SIGINT Activity Begins New SMS and Call Event Dataflows for

NS A Analysts

(S//SI//REL) JSA initiated two new SMS dataflows for NSA analysts in April. These new
dataflows are from USD-1079’s AST128B and AST128C DNR collection platforms. The
SMS data is flowing into DI SHF I RE, and the corresponding call event data into FASCIA.
A cursory showed

Poland and others. Preliminary data shows that JSA is sending over 330,000 SMS
events to DISH FIRE daily. So, let the hunt begin! One can isolate this new SMS data by
querying in DISHFIRE on JSA’s PDDG (IQ) and collection box (RA, LI). This SMS
collection is being processed on multiple case notations from INTELSAT-902 (G2),
YAMA^02 (E9), and EUTELSAT-W6 (KL) with forward and reverse gateways with
(primarily). However, we also have Tajikistan, Russia, Monaco, Lebanon
and UAE gateways represented. As a reminder, JSA has been forwarding SMS data
from its JUGGERNAUT GSM collection platform since 2007.

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(C) Joint SIGINT Activity (JSA)




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