Title: Dragons, Shrimp, and XKEYSCORE: Tales from the Land of Brothers Grimm

Release Date: 2014-06-18

Document Date: 2012-04-13

Description: This internal NSA post dated 13 April 2012 from the European Cryptologic Center in Darmstadt, Germany recounts an “XKS training blitz”: see the Der Spiegel article New NSA Revelations: Inside Snowden’s Germany File, 18 June 2014.

Document: (U//FOUO) Dragons, Shrimp, and XKEYSCORE; Tales from the Land of

Brothers Grimm

European Cryptologic Center, SIGDEV (F22)

Run Date: 04/13/2012

(S//REL) The European Cryptologic Center (ECC) sits rr-----------------

quietly nestled amongst vineyards and farmlands on — ECC

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the outskirts of Darmstadt, Germany, To the passing
motorist, the facility iooks like many of the other
random U.S. government facilities in the area, with
one exception. One can almost hear a discemable
buzz of activity from the analysts of the ECC
executing queries, authoring fingerprints, and
consuming metadata garnered from XKEYSCORE (XKS). In the past three months,
the ECC has tripled, and even quadrupled in some cases, the number of queries
performed, the number of items pushed to PIN WALE, and the number of sessions
viewed. And these numbers continue to grow,*

(S//REL) What has been the cause of this flurry of success? The ECC points to a
recent XKS training blitz in support of the Analytic Modernization Outreach
Campaign to encourage discovery. In early March, ECC SIGDEV analysts held
an XKS Circuit Training event designed to expose analysts to five, 20-minute
one-on-one sessions in a circuit-type environment. This “speed dating“ for XKS
consisted of five stations covering topics titled "Intro to the GUI and Basic
Queries," "Metadata Setup and Manipulation," “Content and Manipulation of
Results," “Introduction to Fingerprints," and “Introduction to Microplugins,“

(S//REL) Over four days, 68 students were walked through these topics with five
different instructors, able to ask specific questions and get more comfortable with
the tool, “Everyone likes a new toy, and there was a lot of excitement about it. They
will at least try it against their target and see what they will get out of it," said
^^^^^Jone of the instructors and a SIGDEV Analyst embedded in Africa

(S//SI//REL) With traditional targeting, analysts cast their nets wide into the murky
waters of network traffic and haul in anything that gets caught in the net. We are
like Forrest Gump on his shrimping boat off the coast of Alabama pulling in a boot,
toilet seat, seaweed, and there they are,,, three shrimp! We burn up a lot of
resources getting those shrimp, those reportable documents or metadata used to
expand target knowledge, and we deal with tons of toilet seats, the spam and other
junk. Then, we repeat the same process and hopefully catch enough "shrimp" to
have ourselves a little cocktail, XKS has become so important because with it,
analysts can downsize their gigantic shrimping nets to tiny, handheld goldfish-sized
nets and merely dip them into the oceans of data, working smarter and scooping
out exactly what they want,

(U//FOUO) And a short, two-hour class is an easy gamble of time for the hopes of
being able to work smarter and more efficiently, ECC analysts have been trading in
their old nets for new ones and are thrilled with their catches. Discovery can only
occur if people are willing to try new things, and more of our analysts are getting
comfortable with leaping into the relatively unknown world of XKS,

(U//FOUO) "The first time I saw XKS, I said, 'Whoa!!' It i^ntimidating because you
open it up and you see all these queries and fields," said^^^^^| “We took the
students from that response to being able to approach it and navigate around in it.
They see it differently now and know it's not a seven-headed dragon," This gentle
introduction has definitely enabled analysts to ease into XKS and get more
comfortable, and with that it has radically changed the overall mentality towards

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the tool.

(S//REL) Across the ECC, analysts wholeheartedly agree that the Circuit
Training setup and content was a catalyst to give XKS a try or take existing
users to the next level. The one-on-one setup provided a heavy injection of tool
knowledge into each student, “Defore the training, I was just happy to use it and
not go to jail," said a Circuit Training student and Arabic/French

Language Analyst for CT (Counterterrorism), “Now, I feel comfortable in my ability
to use it and NOT go to jail, I used to always ask someone to look over my query
before I submitted it. Now, my hand doesn't need to be held,"

(S//REL) That Circuit Training must be one tough training to pull off, you say? Not
so, says ^^^^^|who spoke about the “off-the-shelf" nature of the training, "The
framework was already developed by GCIIQ. so it was simple for us to read over
their notes, make it applicable to NSA, and conduct the training. We didn't have to
spend time writing modules,"

(TS//SI//REL) From the leadership level's perspective, the time invested sending
analysts to the class had a tremendous return, Tech Lead for the

50-person strong Africa Division, said, “The brevity of the class made it easy to
send our people. Now we know exactly why we want to use it, and we have
discovered new traffic and documents, Our analysts have been building hashes for
document tracking and rolling them into fingerprints. We have been getting
documents in XKS that we were not getting in our PIN WALE queries. Just today
analysts found reportable material from the Tunisian Ministry of Interior that was
not from any selectors we were targeting. Now we know what we can do with XKS
and exactly why we want to use it - to make these discoveries,"

(S//REL) These discoveries are igniting a trend of using XKS on a daily basis, “For
daily pulls, analysts go through TransX, PINWALE, and now XKS to see what's new
for the day, aid,

(U//FOUO) Combine these exciting finds with the introduction of XKS Skilz points,
and you can see why McDonald's teamed up with Monopoly years ago: people buy
more and even super size their orders just to get game pieces. With the brainchild
of Skilz, where analysts can earn points and unlock achievements for performing
tasks in XKS, people are willing to try new things within the tool, Analysts think to
themselves, “Using the Pivot Data feature will earn 30 points,,, I'm going to try it
and see what happens," Discovery! Points! We have been lured by our geeky desire
to unlock achievements and earn points, and bragging rights are everything,

(U//FOUO) "Definitely a number of users have gotten into the Skilz points. We have
several people at level six, They see what they need to do to earn more points and
start trying out different things," said^^^H In fact, ECC analysts now have the
highest average of Skilz points compared to all of the S2 product lines and have
written the most fingerprints per-capita! Some people say that the potent
combination of Skilz points, the Circuit Training, and the team of easily-accessible,
on-site instructors is the secret to ECC's successes with XKS,

(U//FOUO) Maybe XKS is a seven-headed dragon as

Imentioned. Dig and

scary? Sure, Strong and powerful? Oh yeah. But, the ECC is taming it, and it is ours

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to do with whatever we like, including catching shrimp.



* (S//REL) Here are charts to illustrate the point:

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