Title: Blarney Program TDY Handbook

Release Date: 2016-11-16

Document Date: 2011-04-15

Description: This internal document for NSA employees dated 15 April 2011 provides a guide for visiting facilities related with the BLARNEY programme, including the TITANPOINTE building in New York City: see the Intercept article Titanpointe: The NSA’s Spy Hub in New York, Hidden in Plain View, 16 November 2016.

Document: SECRET//COMINT//REL TO USA, AUS, CAN, GBR, NZL//20291123


A Guide For Traveling To Sites (U//FOUO)

As of 15 April 2011

(U) The purpose of this TDY Handbook is to provide the BLARNEY Traveler with the
proper procedures and guidelines when traveling on official business, either local or CONUS, in
support of the BLARNEY Program. This information is applicable to all BLARNEY team
members who travel or have the potential to travel.

(U) General Authority (U):

(U) Locally: Governed by SSO Office and Program Travel Policy and Processes.
(U//FOUO) In Country: As directed by Program Director or delegate.

(U) SSO Required Courses, Briefings, or Procedures: (U)

(U) In accordance with SSO Travel Training Requirements for CONUS TDYs:

OHES1108 Heartsaver (4 hours)
SOST2209 Basic Sensitive Ops (40 hrs)
CIAT2101 Elicitation Techniques (8 hours)

(U) Check Out/In with SSO Security (Travel Alias)
SSO webpage (go S353)

(U) Check in with Program Director

(U) Program Recommended Courses: (U)

(U) As directed by the Program Director or delegate.

(U) Cover Travel (U):

(C) Defense Management Technology Services Office (DMTSO) - required cover, as
traveler is not to overtly identify himself/herself as an employee of the National Security Agency
or a member of the intelligence community. Traveler must attend a cover briefing from S444
(Special Operational Support) once a year, or prior to the TDY. **Note: If special arrangements

need to be made, please call I

Each situation will be considered as needed.

(U) Helpful Links for country information / TDY documents: (U//FOUO):

NSA (Ft. Meade):

NSAnet LL42 Corporate Travel Services (go travel)

U.S. Department of State Travel Page:

NSAnet (travel page):

U.S. Department of State country page:

NSAnet: |

Derived From: NSA/CSSM 1-52
Dated: 20041123
Declassify On: 20291123


Internet: http://www.state.gov



(U) General Information (U):

(C) The BLARNEY Program has sites or partner organizations mostly located in the
MD/DC/VA Metropolitan area and New York and occasionally NJ. When traveling to sites in
the DC Metropolitan area, the BLARNEY cover vehicles should be used. When transporting or
picking up equipment in the NY or NJ area the BLARNEY cover vehicles with NY tags should
be used. Otherwise, travel to New York is normally done by train and will require a Request and
Travel Authorization Expense Report (RTA). Attire depends on the type of venue; for meetings
the attire is usually business casual. No military uniforms or NSA Badges should be worn.

(U) Visits to Partner Organizations and Field Sites (C):


(1) (U) Ensure clearances are sent to the appropriate Security/Technical POCs
at the partner organizations and/or sites. Please see PD or D/PD for updated contact

(2) (U) Get directions to facility from PD, D/PD, MPM or ETS System

(3) (U) Get approval from PD or D/PD if you are a contractor.

A. (U) Artifice, Serenade, and Rocksalt (in Virginia) Lithium (in Maryland) (C).

1. Coordinate visit with partner points-of-contact 24-48 hours prior to visit:

2. When entering facility:

Check in/Sign in at front desk with:

Name: Self

Phone: Personal phone number
POC: Meeting POC

3. When entering SCIF:

Sign in with Name/Date/Time/Clearance Level

B. (U) FBI Headquarters (DC) (C)

1. Coordinate visit with point-of-contact(s) 24-48 hours prior to visit.

2. When entering facility, check in at the front desk in the visitor center
Have identification available to show the guards

Walk through screening area
Enter visitor control center

Show identification and sign sheet. If asked your organization is DOD
Give the name of your meeting POC who will come there to pick you up.



C. (U) FBI ERF (Quantico, VA) (C)

1. Coordinate visit with SSO/BLARNEY representative (POC) at ERF 24-48 hours
prior to visit. If given enough notice, the POC will submit a visit request for you.

2. At the Marine checkpoint show your drivers license and tell them you are going to
the FBI Academy.

3. Once at the Academy entrance, you have two options.

(a) If a visitor request was submitted for you, give the FBI Police officer some
form of identification which they will use to look up the VR and allow you


(b) If no visitor request was submitted, you can show them your IC Badge and tell
them you are going to ERF.

4. At the gate arm just outside the parking lot, press the button to call Security and
tell them you are there for a meeting at DITU.

5. Once inside the building, give the guard a form of identification. They will issue
you a visitor badge and contact your POC who will meet you there.

D. (U) Titan Pointe (FBI New York Field Office) (C)

1. Coordinate with NSA POCs to include Blarney PD or delegate and

(TP POC) at least 1 week prior to visit. TP POC will be responsible for
notifying FBI site watch officer of any visitors.

2. After internal SSO approvals coordinate visit with TP point-of-contact(s) 24-48 hours
prior to visit:

3. When approaching facility:

Ring the buzzer and wait for admittance
Ask for POC who will meet you in waiting area
Sign in as required
Sign out as required

E. (U) Queensland (FBI Washington Field Office) (C)

Restricted access. See Blarney PD.

(U) Courier Procedures (U):

(U) Transporting classified material outside the DC Metropolitan area should be kept to a
minimum since most information can be forwarded electronically. Classified materials should



be appropriately wrapped and secured in an approved lock bag, unless size constraints prohibit
their use. Occasionally travelers will be asked to transport items and/or equipment to and from
partner and other sites. For equipment transports, the equipment should be appropriately
wrapped and appropriate property accountability paperwork completed. Anyone couriering
classified material must have a current courier briefing on file.


(U) To travel by train, LL42 Corporate Travel Services (go travel) can assist with train
ticket reservations, RTAs, travel security briefings, etc.


(S//SI) Note: Operational use of the vehicles takes priority over any/all other
requirements. These vehicles are for “Official Use Only” to include the transport of NSA
personnel and equipment. These vehicles are solely for the use by personnel who actively
support NSA/FBI programs. These programs currently include: BLARNEY, FAIRVIEW,


NOTE: The BLARNEY Cover Vehicle SOP is currently under revision and the link will
be provided as soon as the document is approved. For immediate guidance, please see PD,

D/PD, or I

who is POC for vehicle reservations and tracking.

(U) Cover Stories (U)

(C) When traveling to the partner’s facility or other program sites, family members and
co-workers (who are not cleared), can be given generic travel plans, i.e., ”Going to Baltimore,
MD to do H/W and/or S/W Engineering”, and/or “will be in Baltimore, MD for the day at
another company”. Provide family members/co-workers with cell phone/hotel phone numbers to
reach you at and to leave messages for you. Also give your family a co-worker’s (not on TDY
with you) phone number so that if there is an emergency at home, your family can contact your
co-worker who can then contact you at the facility.

(U) Multicultural Awareness (U) N/A (All travel in support of BLARNEY is CONUS)

(U) TDY Pre-Brief (U):

(U) PD or D/PD will coordinate this meeting. It should be held at least two weeks prior
to TDY. Everyone directly supporting the system will attend.

(U) TDY De-Brief (U):

(U) If required, PD or D/PD will coordinate this meeting. Selected travelers supporting
the system will attend.

(U) Post TDY Trip Report (U):

(U) Timeline and content as directed by PD or D/PD




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